Monday, 12 December 2016

The Focus

As I walked through the gate of the hostel, hearing the tapping of the ball against the table caught my ears, dragging me to peak into the room from where it was coming from. Watching from the door of the common room as I saw them play Table Tennis, increasing my curiosity as I had never played it before. As the seconds passed, my desperation to try kept on increasing which suddenly become so obvious on them that one of them offered me his bat, and I being myself was in dilemma of shyness but something took over me and I foolishly took the bat without knowing how to play.
Well, at least I knew I had to hit the ball with the bat. It didn’t go well for the first three serves, missed missed and missed, quite an embarrassment for the first impression leaving the hall for my room. Next few minutes as I walked through the corridor, all the thoughts started to roam in my mind leaving a corner for guilt for stopping at the hall.
The next day was no new as I heard the same sound ticking in my ears. With no courage left and myself stopping me from hearing it, my legs didn’t respond well leaving me again at the door of the common room. Well, this time the hall was crowded and cheering up for the guy whom they were calling the champion of the game “The Unbeatable”, and as the game came to an end, definitely him winning it, an unexpected thing happen, He calling me up for a match. Well I knew what would happen but again salute to my courage, accepting the challenge.
With the game up and me losing to nil, He asked me weather I am beginner; a quick learner was my reply. A quick learner, Huh, well then focus on this ball, keep your eye on the ball and the game is yours and he served.

Focus, this was the ingredient I was missing in my recipe, my eyes now glued to the ball and seeing nothing else. This was my moment; I could feel it in every inch of my body. As He severed, my hand swung feeling the air breeze cut through it to hit the ball as it moved from the court to another, tipping with a speed which beat the unbeatable.....